Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I just wanted to throw this out there....

Okay so I know I am a little late (7 months) and out of order but I just wanted to put it out there that Imade our Halloween Costumes this year! (all of them!) I was so excited too! I love being on theme so this year we decided to go as bumble bees! I wanted chris to be on theme with us too but for some strange reason he didnt want to be a Bee, I wonder if it was because of the tutu??? So I thought for a while and came up with nothing! Well Aubrey also wanted him to be on theme and came up with his costume... a Bee Keeper! She is so stinkin' smart! So here are some pictures from halloween to dhow off our cute bee costumes!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ben's 1st Trip to the Aquarium! (and a few other adventures)

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day... but first we will start with the aquarium and get to the hectic part second... So in the morning Krystal and I took Ben to the aquarium. He loved looking at all the fish and crawling around and looking at all the other kids running around the aquarium (there was at least 8 feild trips going on...we counted the busses) So here are some pictures from that...

We didnt get to go outside to look at the rays, or sharks, or birds because it was raining, but we still had fun! So after the aquarium we went to Wienerschnitzel for lunch and then to ikea to window shop! Well... we were at Ikea when Shannon called ... (for those of you who cannot follow how Krystal and I are related pay close attention ... Shannon is my Sister-in-Law and Krystals Mom) Sje called to tell us my niece (Krystal's sister) was in a car accident and was stuck and we needed to go and get her. We were in the middle of Ikea... think of how hard it is to get out of Ikea with a clear head... needless to say Krystal was spinning in circles trying to find the little floor arrows thattell you how to get out of Ikea! well I am going to tell you a secret Ikea doesnt want you to know, Those arrows dont nesecarilly lead to the exit, they go towards more stuff to look at amd buy, lucky for us I window shop at Ikea often so I was able to get us out in a jiffy! So we cancled all our plans for the rest of the night and went on our way to go save Tiffiny! Now I think I should pause at this point in the story and let everyone know that Tiffiny is OK! She was pretty shaken up but no injuries! So that was a blessing! OKay on with the quest... We drive to Garden Grove, find Tiffiny and Shannons smashed up car on the side of the road... She was not in an easy spot to get to... so as we are attempting to flip around somehow we find the other guy and his squished up truck and stop to tell him that we found Tiffiny and we are going to get her so they can exchange information (when thye went to pull off to the side of the street they somehow managed to lose track of each other) So he was not a happy camper.. he had called the police and reported it as a hit-and-run because he thought she left and so on. So I assured him we would be right back to which he snapped back "She better get here before the police!" Okay so now the pressure is on to get Tiffiny! We figure out a way to get behind her and had her hop in the car and I hopped out to sit with Shannons car so it didnt look like we abandoned a smashed up car that was blocking traffic! Well I also took Ben, the toy he was playing with and the diaper bag, so I go to get into the car and the passenger side was so smashed that the front door wouldnt open! Well I am not about to get in the driver seat for a number of reasons...
1. I am not going into traffic holding my 11 month old nephew!
2. I do not want to be implicated as the driver of the at-fault smashed up car! :)
3. I didnt want someone to side swipe us while sitting in the driver side
well lucky for us the back passenger door opened and we got in that way! Well Ben wanted to play in front so I rather un-gracefully climbed my way into the front passenger seat (with Ben holding onto me like a baby chimp bc he couldnt wait for me to get to the front and get him LOL) So while I am baby sitting the car Krystal and Tiffiny were exchanging info with the other driver. Well Deana (my nephew Bryce's fiance) got home from school and was able to drive Shannon and all the insurance info to the other guy! So info is all exchanged, no injuries reported to the police, and we are ready to go on our merry way. So Krystal, Tiffiny, and Deanna all go home. Me Shannon and Ben said goodbye to the nice police man, strapped Ben in and were ready to go, turrned on the car, and about 15 seconds later it died! So we call Krystal to get Ben and wait for a tow. 30 minuted later a tow truck comes (yay!) it is not the right tow truck it has to be towed on a flat bed because it has all wheel drive (boo!) Another 30 minutes and the right tow truck comes along, this time we said goodbye to the police office for real and went to the dealership and car rental place where we spent another hour and finally made it back to Shannons! Phew!
After all that adventure we decided to call our hubbys and have dinner at Hometown Buffet where we had a lot of laughs and got to tell our adventures to Chris and Ruben!

Shannon's car

Here is the smashed up car!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Almost Easter!

Okay so this post is really just a test..I downloaded the blogger app for my phone so I want to see how it works with pictures and such so I picked this cute picture of aubrey collecting easter eggs at Jessie's house this weekend!
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cake #2

Last night we had lesson #2. We made our cakes with a basketweave and roses. it took me forever to get the hang of the roses...but once I did it seemed so easy! Krystals cake looked like a GIANT compared to mine but that was just because we used different sized cake pans...oh and she made 2 cake mixes and I made one :D I will be putting Cake #3 on here next week so be sure and check back!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our new Great Nephew

Our niece Krystal and her husband Ruben just had a little boy! Ruben George Madrid "Ben"...I got to meet him yesterday so here is a pic of me and Ben. Enjoy!